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What We Will Stand For

Let us not forget in this day and age of Tax dodging appointees, and wheel and deal Democrats, (Burris), about the last regimes lobbyist scandals with people promoting legislation for campaign bucks. The fact is some of the people we send to represent us are dirty. Most of them fortunately are honest, and hard working and without them we could not weed out the bad. Unfortunately you are being sold by the Rush’s, and the Hannity’s, and the O’Really’s that it is rampant in the democratic party, and they continue to sell you that Obama is no better than the rest. So far none of Obama’s people have gone to jail as in the Bush administration. (Oh good!) Also Obama at least holds hope for the future as opposed to Bush’s Republican sell out to corporate America. Let’s not forget! Let’s also not stand by and allow it to happen again. Write Barack Obama and demand he hold his people accountable, and that he boot them out if they do not know how to behave. Also contact Harry Reid and demand he do the same. Let them know we’ve had enough of soul selling politicians, that we expect them to represent our best interests, not their own. Whether they be Republican or Democrat!

Tell President Obama What You Think!!

Let Harry Reid Know What You Think!!

Let Nancy Pelosi Know What You Think!!

Remember these people work for you. We elected them to save our economy, protect our jobs, and to work for us. You have every right to demand that they hear your voice. You do not have to be afraid to let them know that if they do not perform as we elected them to, we will vote them out.
We have the power. Use it

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I’ve added a new page to the website. VIDEOS. There are so many great videos these days that I wanted to give everybody a place to watch them without having to search the whole world wide web. These are videos that I like; some are UPS videos, some are Union videos.  And in the near future I may add my own videos, so watch for those too.

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This is simple. Obama has set it up to make it easy to contact him. Will he respond? Email him and find out. Click on the attached link and find out. This guy says he’s going to keep an open door. I want to believe him. Let’s find out. Click on the link and send him a message. He will never be able to say we didn’t tell him.

“Hello, this is Barack”

Using Our Tax Money Against Us

Are you getting this?Think we’re not in for a fight over the Employee Free Choice Act? Here’s a sound bite of Corporate CEO’s planning to use bailout monies against the battle to win the EFCA. Note that several of these institutions have taken bailout money.  Also note that one of these CEO’s is your favorite and mine Home Depot. Be prepared. They are using our money to fight us. They have billions, we have nickel’s. Shop at Lowe’s! Also note that Home Depot had a major layoff this week. They’re using your money against you, to steal your rights, and steal your freedoms.      

Don’t Believe It? Hear it here!

Thank you to Sam Stein of the Huffington Post for putting this information out there.

Have You Figured it Out?

Time for ActionWell by now many of you are starting to figure it out. You have been Frank Lorenzo’ed. Remember way back when Frank Lorenzo would buy up Airlines then sell off all of their assets, gut their infrastructure, steal all of the pension money’s then toss the trash out on the street for some one else to clean up. Remember Eastern Airlines and Continental Airlines? That’s what is happening to America. The right wing has been taking you all for fools, and now their taking you for everything you have. Many of you have rolled over with your butt in the air saying give me more Rush. How long have we harped on these pages about those people. Well it’s coming home. They are stealing every ounce of your net worth, all the while saying it’s your imagination, that it’s really Obama’s fault. Many of you continue to believe it. Many German’s believed Hitler much the same way, and we know how that went. Look at that outcome. How bad do you think the economy is going to get? Multiply it by two and you might be close. The goal from the beginning is to gut the country and it’s people of their assets and give them to the super wealthy. These people like to steal from you then convince you they are Christians to boot. Man what a crock. If you think your freedoms as an individual are not far behind you’re bending over with your ass in the air. I still marvel at how foolish many of you can be. All this is happening without a kiss. It’s happening to you. We will never have our parents retirement.
Yahoo Frank Lorenzo for more information or go to Grounded: Frank Lorenzo and the Destruction of Eastern Airlines

I feel good….I knew that I would

I feel good that the Employee Free Choice  Act is going to come up this year for a vote in the US Senate. If you aren’t sure why America needs the Free Choice Act, read this great article. The Free Choice Act, which is often referred to as Card Check, will level the playing field for union organizing.
I am so sick and tired of union bashers going around and boasting that union ranks are shrinking because unions are dinosaurs who have out lived their usefullness. American workers and the middle class today need unions more than at any time in the last 50 years. Our jobs are disappearing, corporations treat us like waste and the American Dream is all but out of reach for most Americans.
We had it pretty good after the unions came to power in the 1930s and 1940s. Workers were a valued commodity and they shared in the bounty of their hard work. But we took too much for granted and slowly but surely, the corporations stole our wealth and our pride away from us. Now the game is one-sided.
Current labor laws have made it hard if not impossible to recruit new members.  By allowing companies to harass and threaten  interested workers during organizing campaigns, union membership has declined. And as union ranks began to shrink, so did the money. And since money is power, the balance of power shifted from the organized labor to the corporations. Many politicians claimed that the balance would work itself out. But we know what the result is when corporations call all the shots.

 Manufacturing is at a 28-year low and even Obama’s economists say unemployment could top 10 percent before the recession ends. One in 10 homeowners is at risk of foreclosure and the dollar continues its slide in value.  The Denver Post 

The time has come to rise up again. The Employee Free Choice Act will level the playing field when it comes to organizing. Unions will grow because American workers want to restore the power their fathers and forefathers knew. They want to share in the fruits of their labor. They want another shot at the American Dream. 
I feel good because I know that unions will grow with Card Check. I’m tired of hearing people talk bad about unions because I believe that collective bargaining is the only way to  wrestle good pay and benefits away from greedy corporations.
America needs to get back on its feet and I believe it will with the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. I believe the middle class will rise again. That makes me feel good…. I knew that it would.

Here are a couple of good links. The first two explain why the country will benefit from the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. Read through these websites so you can be articulate on the benefits of card check. The great debate is coming.
Employee Free Choice Act
American Rights at Work
This other website is anti-union. It’s like the guy in the chainsaw massacre movie telling you how great his chain saw is. Of course he just used it to slash your job, cut up your health care, destroy your pension…but it’s a damn good chainsaw.
Heritage Foundation

The Attack of the Corporatists

As normal rank and file Union people we have done a wonderful thing (we think). We have risen to the occasion and elected a person we believe will look after our interests, take care of our family needs, help us for the future. We should be proud! The future is bright! Maybe! The ball is in our court now. Obama is beginning to make choices and push agendas that will affect us. All that’s coming out of the right wing sound machine is a hope for failure. Obama is under constant attack by the Limbagh’s and the Hanady’s hoping for his failure to implement the programs that will save you and I financially. John Boehner, (Randi Rhodes calls him Boner), continues to preach the tax cuts for the rich as the way out of our financial mess. Isn’t that part of the reason we’re in it. We vote them out, yet they continue to open their mouths as if they have some kind of mandate to be jack-asses. They continue to scream that the country is being taken over, (by you and me, the middle class, aren’t we Americans also, not in their eyes). They continue to scream that Obama is not an American, ( The Ron Paul conspiracy theorists are hard at work trying to spin some concoction that Obama is a Kenyan, not an American) to get you to believe there is some kind of foreign takeover happening. Meanwhile they are taking our middle class jobs to China, and stealing our government treasury, and enriching the Saudi’s, all the while lying to us that it will Get off your assall somehow be to our benefit. They lie to us about what should be our Christian values. They lie to us about what should be our morality. They lie to us about how our guns are going to be stolen, and ammo will be priced and taxed out of the market. Many of you continue to fall for this crap. They are stealing your homes, and health, right out from under you while you sit there and nod in agreement with them going “yup, this Obama guy is going to screw up our country”. Let’s get this straight! The right wing has screwed the real Americans. The middle class is systematically being destroyed. Many of you are bending over and begging for them to give it to you up the ass. They are doing just that, still! Turn away from the propagandist’s. Turn away from the job selling, family killing corporatist’s. They do not have your interests at heart.  

I Told You So


OK, I can’t resist. Any of you that have read my stuff on Denverbrown know that I have been an ad advocate of taking the corporations out of our national politics and making our government a government of the people.

I have advocated the reduction of corporate welfare. Look where we are now. The corporations are taking us all down. But today we have hope. On January 20th, Barack Obama will become our 44th President. While I am hopeful about the possibilities for the future, the time has come to rise up and demand what we have all voted for.

If we all sit down and just let it happen with out voicing our concerns, the money trap will swallow our hopes for the future. Don’t kid yourself; these people that will take office are politicians after all. They will be looking out for their survival first as all of them have in the past. It is up to the people to make their concerns known.

The first step must be to get coprorate money out of politics. The next step must be for the working people of this counmtry to rise up and demand health care, card check, and that workers comp., social security and welfare be restored to functional levels.

The people must also demand that a level playing field be established for importing goods to help generate American jobs and American wealth. We Americans are paying for the benefit of coprorations to be able to buy cheap labor overseas and s–t can our jobs. You pay for it, and they they sell you out. In fact, they steal what little you have left.

The true patriot supports American workers and American people. Our children are dieing in Iraq to support the Saudi’s. That is the corporate way. Sacrifice your jobs, sacrifice your health, and sacrifice your life; all for the bottom line. It is the ultimate in soul selling. Only they are selling your sold to the devil for you, without your permission.

Stop them now. Get involved. Open your mouth. Speak your peace. Change won’t happen without you.

Yes you.

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