I feel good….I knew that I would

I feel good that the Employee Free Choice  Act is going to come up this year for a vote in the US Senate. If you aren’t sure why America needs the Free Choice Act, read this great article. The Free Choice Act, which is often referred to as Card Check, will level the playing field for union organizing.
I am so sick and tired of union bashers going around and boasting that union ranks are shrinking because unions are dinosaurs who have out lived their usefullness. American workers and the middle class today need unions more than at any time in the last 50 years. Our jobs are disappearing, corporations treat us like waste and the American Dream is all but out of reach for most Americans.
We had it pretty good after the unions came to power in the 1930s and 1940s. Workers were a valued commodity and they shared in the bounty of their hard work. But we took too much for granted and slowly but surely, the corporations stole our wealth and our pride away from us. Now the game is one-sided.
Current labor laws have made it hard if not impossible to recruit new members.  By allowing companies to harass and threaten  interested workers during organizing campaigns, union membership has declined. And as union ranks began to shrink, so did the money. And since money is power, the balance of power shifted from the organized labor to the corporations. Many politicians claimed that the balance would work itself out. But we know what the result is when corporations call all the shots.

 Manufacturing is at a 28-year low and even Obama’s economists say unemployment could top 10 percent before the recession ends. One in 10 homeowners is at risk of foreclosure and the dollar continues its slide in value.  The Denver Post 

The time has come to rise up again. The Employee Free Choice Act will level the playing field when it comes to organizing. Unions will grow because American workers want to restore the power their fathers and forefathers knew. They want to share in the fruits of their labor. They want another shot at the American Dream. 
I feel good because I know that unions will grow with Card Check. I’m tired of hearing people talk bad about unions because I believe that collective bargaining is the only way to  wrestle good pay and benefits away from greedy corporations.
America needs to get back on its feet and I believe it will with the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. I believe the middle class will rise again. That makes me feel good…. I knew that it would.

Here are a couple of good links. The first two explain why the country will benefit from the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. Read through these websites so you can be articulate on the benefits of card check. The great debate is coming.
Employee Free Choice Act
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This other website is anti-union. It’s like the guy in the chainsaw massacre movie telling you how great his chain saw is. Of course he just used it to slash your job, cut up your health care, destroy your pension…but it’s a damn good chainsaw.
Heritage Foundation