Consumers Can Pick Up UPS Packages from Some Local Liquor Stores

Eyewitness News Investigates a new service offered by UPS, delivering packages at local liquor stores.  They’re called direct access points. UPS officials say it’s all about convenience, but some customers say they’ve experienced the exact opposite.
As Christmas approaches, the packages pile up.  This season, UPS is making daily deliveries to some unlikely places.
Consumer LaShawna Williams says, “I never knew that liquor stores could get ups packages for people.”
It’s a new service, rolled out in Fresno two months ago, called Access Point Locations.  Two convenient stores have so far signed on – the Two Way Fruit Stand at California and Thorne and Yosemite Market at Chestnut and Gettysburg.  Each store owner earns $0.50 for each package delivered.
Yosemite Market owner Pavittar Shergill says, “More convenience to the people so they come to pick up the box and they can buy something at the store, too.”
Consumer Jim Lacrosse says he’s more than pleased with the service.
“I was alerted right away and came and picked it up and now I’ve got my present for 14 year old brother-in-law.”
Plus, peace of mind during a time when holiday thefts skyrocket.  Now, instead of dropping packages off on unmanned porches in high theft areas, UPS will send them to your neighborhood store.
UPS spokesperson Natalie Norrington says, “They’re within a mile or usually a ten minute walk or drive from your home.”
Close by, open late and on weekends, UPS says the new service brings convenience and protection to nearby customers.  But, not for Samantha Edmonds.
Edmonds says, “Maybe they accidentally gave the wrong package to somebody.”
Edmonds says she designated Yosemite Market as her permanent delivery location, but when she went to pick up a Christmas present for her kids, it was gone.
“I have no idea where it is.  I hope somebody enjoys it,” says Edmonds.
Store owners say the problem was with UPS, saying it thoroughly checks ID’s and addresses and has never had a package misplaced or stolen.  All small businesses are recruited by a UPS team, and each one must have video surveillance and adequate room to safely and securely store packages.  Overall, the company says access points have served customers well.
Eyewitness News did reach out to UPS about the misplaced package, but did not hear back in time for air.  In addition to the two new access locations, people can still pick up and drop off packages at ups stores throughout the city.

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