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Why Unions Matter…….. Free Speech for Whom?

        A most glaring example of the power imbalance on the job concerns the freedom of speech. Often celebrated as the most cherished right of a free citizen, most Americans are astonished to learn that freedom of speech does not extend to the workplace, or at least not to workers. It is literally true that free speech exists for bosses, but not workers. The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights applies only to the encroachment by government on citizens’ speech. It does not protect workers’ speech, nor does it forbid the “private” denial of freedom of speech. Moreover, in a ruling that further tilted the balance of power (against workers) in the workplace, the Supreme Court held that corporations are “persons” and therefore must be afforded the protection of the Bill of Rights.
        Freedom of Speech?So, any legislation (e.g. the National Labor Relations Act) or agency (e.g. the National Labor Relations Board) that seek to restrict a corporate “person’s” freedom of speech, is unacceptable. Employers’ First Amendment rights mean that they are entitled to hold “captive audience meetings” – compulsory sessions in which management lectures employees on the employers’ views of unions. Neither employees nor their unions have the right of response.
        It’s almost as if the worksite is not a part of the United States. Workers “voluntarily” relinquish their rights when they enter into an employment relationship. So, workers can be disciplined by management (with no presumption of innocence) and they can be denied freedom of speech by their employer. The First Amendment only protects persons (including transnational corporations designated as persons) against the infringement of their rights by government – but not the infringement of rights of real persons (workers) by the private concentration of power and wealth, known as corporations.
        Such limitations on workers’ rights are incompatible with the requirements of a genuine democracy. In comparison to European countries, the legal rights of workers in the US are remarkably limited. For a country that prides itself on individual rights, how can we permit the wholesale denial of those rights for tens of millions of American workers?
        Think about it.
Elaine Bernard

Corporatists=Chinese Patriots

Here is more information on how we are systematically being sold to China. In the current recession/depression China continues to strengthen their hold on the financial and manufacturing markets of the world. 

                                                 Read it for Yourself

Out of the Frying Pan

Thank You Bernie Sanders, (Independent Senator from Vermont), for asking the questions that need to be asked. The attached video shows how the American people have been sold out by the banking industry and the Bush administration. I keep hearing people question why President Obama doesn’t have this banking fiasco fixed yet. The Republicans have had 8 years to screw it up. President Obama has been in office for two months, and has done more to fix things than the Bush Republicans ever did, in fact all they did was screw it up. Listen to Ben Bernanke, (Bush’s Fed Chairman), try to explain his way out of the mess. The ironic thing is, Bernanke has the attitude that he was doing the right things. 2 trillion dollars later, (from the Bush administration), the mess continues. Watch for yourself! This is unedited and uncut out of the horses mouth, or maybe some other end!
President Obama has the Bernanke mentality to overcome. It is obvious that these people intended to redistribute our wealth to the rich bankers. They are the true Socialists. Privatize the gains, socialize the losses. Be sure to remember that statement and also remember it was Phil Gramm Senator from Texas, and the rest of the Bush Republican cronies They're Stealing Your Children's Future!that did away with the Glass Steagel act, causing this banking mess, and the hell the country is living through. Be sure to call your Republican Congresspeople, and your Republican Senators and let them know, that you know, what happened. Better yet vote their asses to kingdom come. 
     The Glass-Steagel Act was put in place in 1933 to keep another depression from happening.
      The Republicans took it out to make themselves and their cronies rich. What has happened?
                                       Here is the Glass-Steagel Act

The Last, (until something else Happens), of This Story

I’ve had about enough of the struggle by the repubs. to find an identity. They obviously want a kingdom, not a democracy. Really the only reason I’m putting this video up is because it’s funny, and gels down the battle over the kingdom.

Just know what you are getting with the Republican Party. These freaks are out buying up all the guns thinking there is actually going to be some kind of revolution, and that Obama is marching down the street confiscating their guns. In the meantime they claim that a woman should not have the right to chose, and that they are Pro-Life. It’s simple, they’re hypocrites. They are not the party of life, and freedom. They are the party of poverty, and of a class system. They are turning their backs on the American people because they hope it will help them regain power, not help anyone or anything. These two dip wads are the party leaders. Judge for yourself. Ratings may make Rush rich, but it also exposes his ideas. Michael Steele is nothing but a puppet, and will never have the power to be anything else.
             Are these the kind of leaders you want in charge of your children’s future?  
            Are they the kind of hypocritical nonsense you want running your country?

Remember! The guy that owns the media, rules the kingdom. Be sure to thank Rupurt Murdoch for what he has brought to our country. He is the king behind the scene.

More About Rush Than Anyone Wants to Hear

Here we go again. Here’s an article about how the Democrats are loving it every time Limbagh opens his mouth. Frankly I was hearing more than I could stand repeated from Dittoheads around the world. The lies, and far away stretches and interpretations of the truth have had me shaking my head for years. Now we get to elevate him to the leader of the Republican party. It’s more than I can stand, but many of you need to know what’s going on. The funniest part is the fight between Limbagh and Michael Steele (Head of the RNC), over who truley gets to be the leader of the Republican party.
                                                     These videos will let you know who won that battle!

                                                                                            Read about the Dittohead Daddy
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Buy American Support the American Worker

It’s just amazing to me that these corporate whores just don’t get it. They continue to play the music that foriegn jobs, and foriegn companies are somehow good for America. Yes we will have a worldwide trade policy, but we say American jobs First! These guys just want to hang on to their overseas interest. They beg and bang for the Republican future for you!bailouts only to wave the Chinese flag in our face. What these jerks don’t get is the American worker won the last election! This is about the American worker, and the middle class of the United States. I just don’t see what part of that victory these d–kwads don’t get. Read the attached article and write the Kiplinger report and thank them for being so American. While your at it write your local republican and let them know you understand how truley American they are, by supporting the American worker.

                         Here’s how they feel about working Americans!

             Contact the Republicans Tell them how American You Think They Are!



Well here it is folks. The true American, and the leader of the republican party. Remember this guy makes 386 million bucks a year. He supported Bush and his cronies, and is probably the single most influential person in giving us the morass we live in. Along with his hope for President Obama’s failure goes the failure of the middle class. Something he has no clue about. Here it is out of the horses mouth, or possibly some other oriface.

New Car Loans?

It’s the ultimate in ironies. The car companies looking to get new car loans. Now it’s their turn. Hopefully they’ll also get the idea of what it’s like to deal with their salespeople, and their service departments. The fact is, most people hate the American car companies because of the treatment they get at their dealerships. The customers have to put up with rip-off treatment by salespeople keeping their keys, holding them hostage, yelling at them, and making their general sales experience a life living hell. Then the customer in turn gets to deal with condescending service writers, work that doesn’t need to be done, exorbitant parts prices, incomplete work, and again a generally poor and expensive experience. Now in fairness the foreign cars try to follow in the same footsteps, but the teachers in the system are the American car companies. I Love Old American CarsI love American manufactured cars, and will buy them whenever possible, but I won’t do business with their dealers, and I do my own mechanic work. I can rebuild an engine for what a tune-up can cost at many dealerships. I am a staunch union guy, and I support all of the efforts of the UAW to survive in this crisis. My contention is that the car companies are failing because of management bad decisions, not the cost of their labor. Anyone that tries to tell you otherwise does not live in the real world, (Richard Shelby, multi-millionaire traitor to America). If the guys wearing the ties don’t get a clue, the Detroit 3 will die like Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Yugo, etc. The first car company to live in the real world will surpass them all, (that labor union will see to it, and their people will thrive.) It’s just like the republicans failed to see, “you can deal with the people now, or you can deal with the people later, but one thing is sure, you will have to deal with the people!” 
Buy American, Your Own Survival Will Depend On It!

The Unions Want the Company to Survive, The Managers Still Have No Clue, See it Here
                                              The Chinese are knocking on your door.