What We Will Stand For

Let us not forget in this day and age of Tax dodging appointees, and wheel and deal Democrats, (Burris), about the last regimes lobbyist scandals with people promoting legislation for campaign bucks. The fact is some of the people we send to represent us are dirty. Most of them fortunately are honest, and hard working and without them we could not weed out the bad. Unfortunately you are being sold by the Rush’s, and the Hannity’s, and the O’Really’s that it is rampant in the democratic party, and they continue to sell you that Obama is no better than the rest. So far none of Obama’s people have gone to jail as in the Bush administration. (Oh good!) Also Obama at least holds hope for the future as opposed to Bush’s Republican sell out to corporate America. Let’s not forget! Let’s also not stand by and allow it to happen again. Write Barack Obama and demand he hold his people accountable, and that he boot them out if they do not know how to behave. Also contact Harry Reid and demand he do the same. Let them know we’ve had enough of soul selling politicians, that we expect them to represent our best interests, not their own. Whether they be Republican or Democrat!

Tell President Obama What You Think!!

Let Harry Reid Know What You Think!!

Let Nancy Pelosi Know What You Think!!

Remember these people work for you. We elected them to save our economy, protect our jobs, and to work for us. You have every right to demand that they hear your voice. You do not have to be afraid to let them know that if they do not perform as we elected them to, we will vote them out.
We have the power. Use it