The Attack of the Corporatists

As normal rank and file Union people we have done a wonderful thing (we think). We have risen to the occasion and elected a person we believe will look after our interests, take care of our family needs, help us for the future. We should be proud! The future is bright! Maybe! The ball is in our court now. Obama is beginning to make choices and push agendas that will affect us. All that’s coming out of the right wing sound machine is a hope for failure. Obama is under constant attack by the Limbagh’s and the Hanady’s hoping for his failure to implement the programs that will save you and I financially. John Boehner, (Randi Rhodes calls him Boner), continues to preach the tax cuts for the rich as the way out of our financial mess. Isn’t that part of the reason we’re in it. We vote them out, yet they continue to open their mouths as if they have some kind of mandate to be jack-asses. They continue to scream that the country is being taken over, (by you and me, the middle class, aren’t we Americans also, not in their eyes). They continue to scream that Obama is not an American, ( The Ron Paul conspiracy theorists are hard at work trying to spin some concoction that Obama is a Kenyan, not an American) to get you to believe there is some kind of foreign takeover happening. Meanwhile they are taking our middle class jobs to China, and stealing our government treasury, and enriching the Saudi’s, all the while lying to us that it will Get off your assall somehow be to our benefit. They lie to us about what should be our Christian values. They lie to us about what should be our morality. They lie to us about how our guns are going to be stolen, and ammo will be priced and taxed out of the market. Many of you continue to fall for this crap. They are stealing your homes, and health, right out from under you while you sit there and nod in agreement with them going “yup, this Obama guy is going to screw up our country”. Let’s get this straight! The right wing has screwed the real Americans. The middle class is systematically being destroyed. Many of you are bending over and begging for them to give it to you up the ass. They are doing just that, still! Turn away from the propagandist’s. Turn away from the job selling, family killing corporatist’s. They do not have your interests at heart.