The New Monopoly “Free Market”

     Is that what you want?
                                                 Todays corporations are all about the “Bottom Line”. Part of achieving an improved “bottom line” is about reYa Want It? Talk to Us!ducing the quality of customer service. Just as the corporations have reduced the pay and benefits of their workers, so to have they attacked the customer.
     When you only have one or two big corporations to chose from, you are forced to deal with them on their terms. In other words, “you, the customer, don’t mean sh-t”.
     Monopoly capitalism means you, “the customer” loses. You have no where else to go. You have no one else to complain to. Look at the airline industry. Is it a better experience today when you fly as it was 10 years ago? No f’in way. Pay for bags. Canceled flights. Major delays. Today we have about 20% of the companies to chose from we had 10 years ago. They only give you what they have to to compete, but they only compete with one or two other corporations.
     These huge corporations have attacked the unions, done away with the pensions, and eliminated the competition. Now they are attacking the customer. Pay it, or blow it out your ass. That is their attitude. They know you have to come back, because you have no where else to go.
     The Corporations have manipulated the legal system to the point where the customer has no power to sue. They have eliminated the competition so the customer has no where else to go. Now they are attacking the people from a political standpoint so you have no options at all.
     They also continue to attack small business. The success of these United States is based on the success of small business. Their intent is to totaly control their competition, and in the process, small business in our country will not exist. They will sue them out of business, and if that doesn’t work, they will get the politicians to legislate small business out of existence.
     Welcome to the wonderful world of Corporate Control of the world.