Modern Day Slavery

     Today we live with  modern day slavery. The employers of today think it’s OK to use cheap labor from across the border. They love to blast the current administration about their policies on immigration, but it’s the business bunch that love the cheap labor illegal immigrants provide. In the old days local farmers had to settle for the teenager down the street, (gives him or her experience), or they would have to function under the law to hire legal immigrants to do the agricultural work that needed to be done.
     It’s funny to listen to Faux news and others go on about how opposed to illegal immigration they are, and how it’s the Democrats that want those people as future constituents. Those same mouths then turn around and hire those same illegals. After all, the illegals can’t complain about their wages. The employer doesn’t have to pay for all the associated costs such as Social Security, and Medicare. They don’t have to deduct payroll taxes, and they don’t have to pay any unemployment tax. These employers also do not have to worry about injured workers, or complying with OSHA since they just fire the “slave” if he,or she, gets hurt. What will they do, complain to someone?
    The only real solution to the illegal immigration problem is to go after the slave owning employers. There must be fines levied at the “illegal employer” for hiring people living in our country illegally. Only then will there be a reduction in the number of people crossing the border.
     Our problem today is not with illegal immigration, it is with employers that hire and use illegal immigrants as slaves. Get rid of the illegal employers and the problem goes away.