Some Things Never Change!

    I Hate the Government! First the disclaimer. I have no enemy in the political fight that just took place within the Teamsters Union. I am a staunch Teamster supporter. My problem is with the apathetic membership.
     With 30 years as a Union Steward under my belt, and many years as an activist involved in both National Politics, and Union Politics I have made a simple observation.
  No matter how pissed off, or what your beef is, or how loud you voice your displeasure with the Union or the Country, 
many of you dumb asses simply don’t vote.
     20% of the membership in the Teamsters voted in the national officers election.

     What do you call that? I call it apathy. I call it selfishness. I call it stupidity. I call it laziness. I call it keeping your thumbs in the area where the sun doesn’t shine, oh yah that’s the same place you keep your brain.
     It is you that didn’t vote that will be the first to bitch. It is you that didn’t vote that will be the first to find fault with the system. It is you that didn’t vote that will complain that there is a conspiracy of takeover within the union that keeps you from getting what you deserve. It is you that didn’t vote that will complain that you get nothing for your dues money.
     You that didn’t vote are so lazy, you think that someone else should know exactly what you are thinking. You are so important that everyone else should know what is important to you, and should be cognisant of that, and take actions accordingly. When that doesn’t happen you are pissed because people simply don’t think you are important. Why is that? They don’t have to. You don’t vote. You don’t stand up for yourself. You can’t get your thumbs and brain out of the dark.
     Of course your ego prevents you from seeing that the problem lays with you. You immediately blame the world for the problems your laziness creates.
     I have one statement to make. You get what you deserve.
     Thank you to those that care and took the time to vote, you are what keeps us strong!
In Solidarity with the members of the Teamsters Union that strive to make the Teamsters what they should be.

ps. Most common excuse for not voting: My wife threw away my ballot! You wives are responsible for the apathy in the Teamsters. (just kidding wives, but that is what I have heard the most.)