Republicans Continue to Lie

Republicans are trying to turn President Obama’s words against him, by turning his words on their head. Both Rick Perry and Mitt Romney have been saying that President Obama called Americans “lazy.” I wish this was just a case of lazy editing, but it’s obviously a case of purposely deceptive editing. The President was talking to a group of CEO’s about US business practices and said “But we’ve been a little bit lazy, I think, over the last couple of decades” in attracting investment. Perry and Romney took that statement and claim that President Obama was calling American workers “soft and lazy.” Hey, if you can’t find misstatements by the other side, why not just create them? In the speeches that Romney and Perry have been lifting quotes from, Obama also calls American workers “outstanding” and “the best workers in the world.” Was President Obama calling American workers “lazy” and “outstanding” in virtually the same breath? No. The only way to be that self-contradictory is to be Mitt Romney. None of these Republican candidates have a chance running against President Obama, so they’re trying to run against a President Obama that they have created from scratch.

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