Zooming In- The New Harrassment Tool

Here is a typical map of a drivers delivery day. The driver reportedly was on Parker Rd. making a delivery. When you look at this scene nothing seems out of the ordinary. The indicator is on Parker Rd. and that is where the driver recorded a stop. No sweat? Just wait.
The ever sharp I.E. guy decides the driver is a dirtbag, and/or the driver runs over on a regular basis, so the I.E. guy decides he is going to take a closer look at D.B. driver so he Zooms in. On the first Zoom the I.E. dude thinks he has found pay dirt. Look for yourself.
In fact Telematics has shown that the driver left his trace for some reason. The I.E. guy thinks he has found another lieing, cheating, thief, not doing what the company is paying him big money to do. The I.E. guy is going to nail this jerk for stealing time, and fuel from the company, so he decides to look even closer.
The I.E. guy really thinks he’s got the driver nailed. The map really shows what a time thief the driver is. He said he was at Wal Mart making a delivery, when in fact the map shows he is on Dransfeldt Ave, not at Wal Mart which has a Parker Rd. address. What a dirtbag this driver is. The driver is called into the managers office where he is confronted for stealing time, and  from the company and falsifying his records. The Steward is present, and the Division Manager is present. The driver has been called every kind of thief, and cheat for being off area, and not following his trace, and not recording any break, and altering his records. What a dirtbag he is.
                                                                                               But wait!
It turns out the driver was at Wal Mart. The shopping center is big, and when the Zoom key is used, it looks like the driver is way off area. The store has a Parker Road address, even though it sits off of that street. The fact is, the company is letting him know they think he is a dirtbag for doing his job. How proud is this driver to be a UPSer now! Why would he come to work with a good atitude, and care about the future of the company when they go out of their way to make him out to be a lieing, cheating, thief.
Welcome to the wonderful world of Telematics!
(images by Mapquest)