Why Should I Care?

                                              As a long time driver I am a stockholder in UPS. 
                                                                      Why should I care? 
           Legal Insider TradingThe fact is as time goes on I care less and less for this company. The reason for the IPO was for long time management to artificially inflate the value of the stock they had acumulated during the private stock days. They have been cashing it all in and driving down the overall value of owning UPS stock.
      5 years ago my investment people told me I should reinvest my UPS money into something else. 
                                   I should have listened to them.
     The stock has continued to go down in value. Even with a 10 percent purchase price reduction, it’s been a lousy investment. Telematics was introduced to improve profitability, yet the stock continues to dive.
           So I’m supposed to care about this company because I own stock?
      I’m supposed to care about this company enough to let them treat me like crap? Not only do I not care anymore, I plan to let everyone I know that works for this company that they are wasting their time, not only caring, but investing in UPS as well.
                                         It’s a systematic effort to gut the company of all of it’s assets, including you!