UPS Driver Delivers Package, Fixes Screen Door, Warms Hearts

The weather was bad, and Sergio’s family all left the house in a hurry. They didn’t secure the screen door properly, and the wind caught it, tearing it off the hinges. When UPS stopped by with an Amazon package, the driver could have said, “Aw, that’s a shame,” tossed their package on his porch, and then gone on with his day. He did not.

Kindness and a note.

Kindness and a note.

Sergio writes:

Despite today’s weather here in [redacted] I came home to a pleasant surprise. It looked as if during my morning rush to get our child to the sitter and getting to work on time that I had not properly closed our screen door.

With the high winds here in the area our poor door was partially ripped off the hinges. But, a very thoughtful UPS driver who was dropping off a package for my wife saw our door and not only tapped our door shut but grabbed a one of our porch chairs and secured the door and the package to keep it all from flying away.

I know Wayne was more than likely hating the weather and is probably closely timed on his routes. He didn’t have to do anything, but he did. I hope UPS sees this and rewards him appropriately.