The “Low Information” Union Member

   The Hypocrites Handbook  Have you ever noticed that the “Low Information” voter tends to go hand in hand with the “Low Information” union member? Many of our Teamsters simply don’t care where their benefits or job security come from. They have the “feeling” that they are simply entitled to what they have for employment, and that they need not put any effort or thought into the “how and why and who”, that is involved with the care and feeding of their family. It’s basically the lazy way out. Since they can make the assumption they’d have these benefits anyway, they can make the assumption they don’t have to be involved with the negotiation process, or the union that negotiates for them.
     As stewards we watch how these people never get involved, bad mouth the union as a bunch of crooks, until they do something that gets them terminated. Suddenly they are the Union’s best buddy. The hypocrisy of these people is obvious when, upon the resolution of their case, they return to being the “low information” Union member they were before. 
     Somehow they have come to the conclusion that it is the steward’s and the union’s obligation to baby them. The steward somehow is obligated to see to it that the company stays off their ass. Of course the minute they disagree with anything, (usually without any information), they think they have the right to confront and belittle the steward and/or the union. 
     It’s amazing to me that the most anti-union members, are also down right stupid when it comes to where their livelihood comes from and what their dues pay for. They are also the people that are the most likely to be fired, I feel, because they are basically dishonest and are generally to stupid to know when something is wrong. I feel it’s because they think they are owed a living, and that everyone else was put on this earth to take care of them. 
     I have watched from a political standpoint as well. These same selfish bastards are the first ones on welfare, the first ones on unemployment, the first ones on medicare, the first ones to demand their pension, and the most vocal about how bad their “Union job” is. They continually bite the hand that feeds them. They bad mouth the organizations that fight the corporations, that keep them from becoming slave labor, without health care, without retirement, without pensions, etc.
It’s obvious they think with another part of their anatomy, not with their brain! 
                        “Low Information” Union Member= Self Serving Hypocrite.