The “Center Over Allowed” Formula

     Most of you drivers have been hearing about the”Center’s over allowed hours” at the AM meetings these days. The idea being to Your a zero in their eyes!pump up production by giving you a number to beat. The interesting part about the “Over allowed hours” is the formula they use to get the number they announce. 
     No matter how far under you run, it equals zero. That’s right Zero. If you are 15 minutes “under”, that equals zero. If you are 1 hour “under”,  that equals zero. If you are 5 hours “under”, that equals zero.
     If you run “over”, they add it up. 10 minutes, plus 1 hour, plus 2 hours equals 3 hours and 10 minutes total “over allowed” for the center. 
     My point here is to let you know that under the system currently used to measure the centers performance, no matter how much you run “under”, you are considered a  “Zero” by management.

Driver 1- 1 hour over
Driver 2- 30 minutes over
Driver 3- 2 hours under
Driver 4- 10 minutes under
Driver 5- 50 minutes over
Driver 6- 4 hours under

Total Center over allowed hours- 2 hours 20 minutes