Surviving an OJS Ride

     Have you ever been threatened with a 3 day ride? Of course you have, we all have. It scares the hell out of you. Suddenly, it feels like it’s you against the world and there is just way too much to remember and do. How can you possibly survive??
     Well, help is on the way. It’s not just you against the brown giant this tiime. A couple of guys out of Rochester have put together a list of “How to survive an OJS ride”.
     Read through it, memorize it, do it and everything else will fall into place.



Ask your loader if anyone is was in the car “fluffing” the load.


Perform a full pre-trip.


Maintain speed limit and come to a complete stop at stop signs.


Count 1, 2, 3 before accelerating after red light to maintain space cushion.


Use handrail when exiting and entering vehicle. (set pkg on floor if need be)


Go to rear of car to cross street. (do not go out drivers side door)


Out of weather and out of sight dr’s. (use bags and go around back of house)


Indirect with a goal of 0 send agains. (indirect at neighbors house)


Never run. Walk at a safe, brisk pace.


Use hand cart whenever reasonable.


Get assistance with over 70’s.


Use the diad for all communications, not your cell phone.


Attempt a sales leads. We operate in the real world where customer contact is a necessity.


Drink water to stay hydrated.


Use bathrooms on route, not the back of the vehicle.


Fill delivery notices out completely. (Indirect at neighbors, go back and leave note)


All packages hand to surface. Do not “toss” any.


Containerize all smalls.


Do not drop off COD’s and pick up checks later.


Take your full lunch and break.


Stay on designated walkways. Stay on sidewalks and driveways, do not cut across lawns.


If supervisor opens a door, touches any package, or hurries a customer, note it.


Do not let them ask OJS questions while on lunch or break. Wait until PM time at bldg.


Do not let them ask OJS questions while driving as to focus 100% on methods.


Bottom line, NO SHORT CUTS.


If asked to review your ride, have a steward sit in and listen.


There is no transparent calculation for time.


“A fair days work for a fair days pay” is not a production standard. It is only an obligation.


The labor agreement does not recognize time allowances, or failure to meet them, as being a cause for disciplinary action.


Never sign anything the company hands you with respect to production. Article 6 of the National Master Agreement grants you a right to refuse to sign any agreement or contract whether individually or collectively that is outside the National Master Agreement. A production agreement is outside the National Master Agreement. If asked to sign such agreement, cite this article and base your grievance on this right. 

A big thank you to

Zack Ochs
Tim Barnhart
Local 118 Rochester NY

Next time…………How to survive the OJS ride review harassment.