Sneaky Company Supporting Websites

     Many drivers turn to the web for help and relief from the pressures this company can put them. Unfortunately there are sites out there that come off as if they are for all employees, when in fact they are just another avenue to keep the rank and file driver in a harassed state of mind. These sites open the doors, offering drivers a place to vent, then suddenly the drivers are attacked by obvious supervisors, calling the drivers names, and ridiculing them for expressing their concerns within the company.
     The main method of management is to maintain the “abusive daddy” mentality amongst the employees. A driver hoping to find some relief will often turn to these type of discussion sites, only to find they are being harassed, and ridiculed again. Of course the idea being drivers will think that is just the normal way.
     These sites hold themselves up to be something they are not. They are not for the average employee. They are not for the rank and file. They are for pushing company abuse and their moderators do nothing about it. Don’t waste your time with another outlet for the “abusive daddy”. Find your information independently. Find the sites you can trust.