Since Everyone Should Read My Mind-

   I can Read Your Mind!  Since everybody is able to read my mind, I don’t have to worry about being treated properly. I don’t have to complain to my Union Steward about my excessive hours. He should already know that I am struggling with my family life at home because I’m always at work. He should understand that I never get to see my kids, and I never get to attend their special events.
     My steward should be way ahead of the game dealing with management, because he can read my mind. He’ll understand that I have the need to feed my ego by being the best driver ever. He’ll understand that I should be entitled to the very best pay, and the very best of all the fringe benefits because in my mind, I know I am the very best of all the drivers. Since he knows what’s in my head, he will understand that I should be first in line for the good jobs, and that the company should be taking care of me ahead of all the rest, because I’m the best, in my head.
     That dogon’ steward “should be” on top of my every move, and ever problem. After all, I would make a better steward than anybody, because I know what’s in my head, and I have the cognitive ability to know what should be done to further my day, and my future. I am, after all, amazingly aware of what everyone else should know. Of course they can all read what’s in my head, so I don’t need to explain any of it to them.
     Wait! What’s happening here? I’ve been fired for an accident! Everyone should know I’m the best driver ever. I also haul ass to get the job done better than any other person at this company. The management, and the steward should understand that it was that kids fault for riding his bike in front of me on that residential street. I am after all the best driver in the world, so it could never have been my fault. Even with that in mind, the company should give me a break knowing what a great driver I am. After all, they can read my mind, and see it.
     They’re trying to say that I just wouldn’t listen about driving safely. Why should I? I know everything, and had they taken the time to read my mind, they would know it. They say I have a long history of accidents, and that I was just “an accident waiting to happen”. How can they come to that conclusion when they can see directly into my head? Wow, have I ever been screwed.
     The Union just simply isn’t needed, because they didn’t take time to read my mind! If they had, they would have found out that I know everything. I never supported them, and now I never will.
      Do you know anyone that thinks like this?