Retirees Have to Pay Deductible Again

Even though current retirees have satisfied this years deductible for their health plans, with the implementation of the “new” healthcare plan, negotiated between UPS and the Teamsters, current retirees will be subject to the deductible portion of the plan on June 1st when the “new” plan is put into place.  Aetna has been given the opportunity to re-collect the deductible and gouge retirees for up to an additional $400.

During negotiations we were led to believe that our retiree health plans were going to remain the same. Guess we should have known that we were being misled just like the active rank and file. Pretty tough to make these changes on a retirees income. Sure would have been nice to at least get some advance notice, and maybe some say in the negotiation process. Not so for todays Teamster Retiree!