New Info on New Healthcare Package

     Need to decide which way to go!In my desire to retire I have obtained new information on the UPS health care package being offered by the company pretty much nationwide. If you intend to retire any time before January 1st, 2010 you will not be eligible to change to the new retiree package being offered. You must be an active employee on January 1st, 2010 in order to qualify for the new changes. For those of you that may not know it, under the new retiree plan you will have Dental, and Vision coverage at no additional cost. Something you wouldn’t have had under the old plan.
     Of course you need to read the rest of the changes that go with the plan change. Things like being in “Networked Care”. Buying your prescriptions from Medco, and being forced to buy Generics first. There are a number of changes over the current plan, and it is very obvious that the providers save a great deal of money with a networked plan. Enough that they can offer you all of these additional benefits, and still come out ahead.
     Again my point is not to persuade you one way or the other. My point is to get you to look closely to see which of the plans meet your needs. The company is holding regular meetings to discuss the overall changes, and I highly recommend you attend one of these meetings.
     As for speculating about the future, I think, come the next contract negotiation, you will all end up under the new plan, like it or not. Just something to keep in mind.
     Remember, once you decide to take the new plan, you cannot go back, like it or not!