Job Well Done


driver, Maurice Lynch was finishing his route in Wildwood Point when he noticed a lawnmower with no driver on it rolling through a yard toward a house.

Lynch backed up his truck and pulled into the yard, where he found the body of a large man lying face down in a three foot deep, muddy ditch. Lynch immediately called 911 and ran over to help the man, who showed no signs of life.

The man’s wife came running out of the house to join in what would become a life-saving rescue. After consulting with the 911 dispatcher, CPR was commenced with the wife giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and Lynch performing the chest compressions.

“At first it did not appear to be working,” said Anderson. “Then after a few more moments there was a slight movement.”

The duo continued CPR, and suddenly, the man caught his breath, his heart started beating and the color returned to his face.

Great effort Maurice Lynch, you are certainly a hero.