It’s Simple

It’s simple. Do the job, by the book, or you will be fired. That is the message given to the drivers at our AM meeting yesterday. The last statement is if you are fired the company simply will not want you to work here. We have harped to you all on these pages about doing the job. Don’t falsify your delivery records in any way, shape, or form. Don’t be where you’re not supposed to be.
     You will certainly get into many arguments with management over the nickels, and dimes of time under Telematics. What will cost you your job is playing games with the air commit times. Playing games with saying you are delivering at an address you aren’t at. The company has taken the attitude that you are the highest paid in the small package industry, and you will perform at the highest level.
     I’m not making any comment here about that, it’s just the way things are today. Get used to it. Or as the company so politely says:
                                                                                          Get another Job!