Have You Seen a Telematics Printout?

Sort aisle Have you seen a UPS Telematics printout yet?
Do you know what’s coming?
Are you prepared?
There is a website called The Truckingboards where one person had the balls to post up a Telematics Printout. Good going!!
I heartily encourage you go to the site and take a cold hard look at what’s there. You have to scroll down about a third of the way on the page before the pictures start. You’ll know it when you see it.
It shows all the stuff Telematics records and reports on. It’s an actual Telematics printout. It’s sobering that they can gather this much information without ever leaving their warm little offices.
I would never copy and knowingly distribute UPS documents like this.
I almost got fired and dragged into court by UPS for doing that once.
But that’s another story.