Fired UPS worker accused of stealing $160K diamond, trading it for $20 worth of marijuana

PHOENIX – A one-time UPS worker is accused of stealing a package containing a $160,000 diamond, and trading the valuable jewel for $20 worth of marijuana.

Walter Earl Morrison, 20, was working for UPS while unloading a plane in the cargo section of Sky Harbor Airport when he stuffed a package under his shirt, according to court documents.

Morrison thought the package contained cash, but instead he found a diamond.

“Any single stone over $100,000 is an expensive stone,” House of Diamonds owner Brent Taubman said when asked about pricey diamonds.

Morrison allegedly traded the diamond for the drug, before being caught.

The stolen diamond was recovered and delivered to the intended customer, a UPS spokesperson said.

UPS fired Morrison, the spokesperson added.

Authorities charged Morrison last week with felony theft.

A man who would not open the door at Morrison’s home said he had no comment on the matter.

Jon Erickson, KNXV