But is there a time allowance?

Police recruit FedEx, UPS drivers to help fight crime

According to an email obtained under the Inspection of Public Records Act, the Santa Fe Police Department is asking UPS and FedEx drivers to be more vigilant on their routes and report crime under a new and apparently secret program called the Vigilant Eye Project.

The department has created “mini emergency cards with non-emergency numbers for each driver to keep in their ID pouches,” police Chief Eric Garcia wrote in the Oct. 8 email to Mayor Javier Gonzales and City Manager Brian Snyder.

“These cards will also be distributed to our sister city agency drivers that are on the road every day and just can’t remember the non-emergency numbers,” Garcia wrote.

The chief initiated the project after he started in June, the email states.

In early October, he met with the new area manager for FedEx “to step it up a notch.”

The new manager supports the project, too, the email states.

“However, he wants to keep the collaboration out of the news so his trucks won’t be targeted for any kind of vandalism if the public learns the drivers are collaborating with SFPD,” the email states.

The New Mexican