All UPS Supervisors Moving to California

UPS loves to abuse their supervisors. And their managers. But in California, supervisors are saying, “The buck stops here.” And after reading the following news article, I’ll bet there isn’t a supervisor the country that isn’t thinking about packing up and moving to California. Read on….

LOS ANGELES, June 19, 2009 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — A unanimous federal jury awarded former UPS supervisor Michael Marlo $162,992.85 in unpaid overtime, missed meals and rest period compensation. The nine-person jury found that UPS improperly classified Marlo as an exempt employee and wrongfully deprived him of meals and rest periods and overtime compensation in violation of California law.

“We are pleased that the jury found in Mr. Marlo’s favor. UPS has routinely overworked its supervisors and intentionally misclassified its supervisors to avoid paying overtime and deprive them of meals and rest periods that UPS is required to provide under California law. This has allowed UPS to deprive its California supervisors of substantial amounts each year,” said Mark Peters, attorney for Mr. Marlo. “We hope that the jury’s verdict will send a message to UPS to follow California law, as well as reduce the excessive workload and the number of hours it forces its supervisors to work.”

The Marlo case is the first of 55 currently pending supervisor overtime cases against UPS in California to be tried.
Wall Street Journal