A Breath of Fresh Air

                   Love letter to the UPS man

A UPS man in a truck let me cut in on Route 50 tonight and I saw a flash of bare leg.

It’s been a while but it reminded me how very much I love UPS Men. For a moment, I even forgot about my current William Holden obsession. Well, not really, but it made an inroad.

I know I am not alone in this. When I used to work for the Smithsonian, and Red Cross, and other companies, I worked with a lot of women. So the ladies and I used to wait in unmentioned anticipation every day for the UPS man to come in and light up our dull office routine for a few minutes.

What IS it about UPS men? Why are they always in a good mood? Is it because every woman in reception quickly stops and swivels around when he comes in to check out those legs in the cute brown shorts? Is that why?

Anyway, it was always a little thrill to sign for those packages and exchange a few inane pleasantries. Then watch him go.

Of course, the minute he was gone, we all started talking about him.

Sigh! The UPS Man. Like a little Hershey’s kiss in man form.

Mary Fletcher Jones