You and the Employee Free Choice Act

Why Should YOU Fight Like Hell for the Employee Free Choice Act? A greasy thank you

      There are a lot of good union people out there who are sitting on their hands while the battle rages in Congress over the Employee Free Choice Act. The legislation was introduced in Congress on March 11.
      The anti-labor community is going full guns to defeat the measure. It’s passage is far from a sure thing, because even if every Democrat in the Senate votes for it, it will still come up 1 vote short of passage.
      And even that scenario is not certain because a couple of Dems are on the fence. One of those is our own new Senator, William Bennet. He was appointed by Gov. Ritter to replace Ken Salazar, who joined the Obama cabinet.
      Every Union member at UPS ought to be on the phone every day to Bennet’s office in Wash. D.C. telling him he needs to support the working class. It’s that important that the Free Choice Act pass. It’s that important to YOU.
      Now I know a lot of UPSers who would ask, “Why should I care if it passes or not?”.
Well, I’ll tell you why.
      UPS drivers make the best wages and enjoy the best benefit package on the street today. FedEx used to be relative close to us in wages and benefits but they have suffered some take-aways since the economy crashed. Now, UPS drivers are way out in front with raises and free insurance and pension benefits guaranteed into 2013.
      One of the oldest rules of Unionism is that if you outpace the competition in wages then you put your employer at a disadvantage. And the best way to keep the competition at a pay level siimilar to yours is not to reduce your wages to match theirs. The best way is to raise their wages to match yours. And the best way to raise wages at FedEx is get them unionized. And the best chance at unionizing FedEx is the Employee Free Choice Act. 
      So if you want to keep your wages and free insurance and defined benefit pension after 2013, you better get off your duff and get on the phone to your Senators. The battle is happening now. You need to act now.
      The Employee Free Choice Act is you best hope of maintaining your wages and benefits. But it won’t pass if we remain silent. The anti-laborites are not silent right now. They are out to defeat you. Will you allow that to happen?

Contact your elected officials in Washington.