UPS vs 250 Drivers…….. How you can help


The Video that Tells It Like It Is:

Customers Tell UPS: Don’t Fire My Driver


UPS Executive Mark Kemper told the Daily News that the company is firing 250 drivers in New York because: “We believe that we owe it to our customers.”


But UPS customers say the company owes them something else.  The customers wants UPS to keep the drivers that have served them for years. 



Fired Local 804 drivers have launched an outreach campaign to talk to customers about what UPS is doing to drivers and their families. The response has been overwhelming.


More than 3,000 calls have been logged to UPS CEO Scott Davis. Customers are posting messages on the company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.  They’re also taking photos with their drivers to show their support.


“The support has been amazing,” said Steve Curcio. “We’ll keep going out there and talking with every customer, until all 250 drivers get our jobs back. Our message is simple. We love our customers and we want to get back to doing our jobs and to be treated with dignity and respect.”


Fired Local 804 Members  Speak Out on MSNBC

Over 90% in MSNBC Poll Say UPS Should Rehire the Fired Drivers in Maspeth


Fired drivers Jairo Reyes and Domenick Dedomenico spoke out on MSNBC’s number one rated daytime program.


As America hears our story, the calls from the public grow louder for UPS to stop the firings and rehire all fired workers in Maspeth. Over 90% of respondents to MSNBC’s Gut Check poll say UPS should rehire the 250 drivers.


Vote in the MSNBC online poll and answer the question:  “Do you think that UPS should rehire the 250 fired workers?”” target=_blank>Watch the MSNBC video with Jairo and Dedom at