Healthcare today, EFCA tomorrow

Are the disruptive protesters at healthcare townhall meetings really just average citizens upset with Washington and exercising their freedom of speech? Or are they a radical fringe, outspoken, angry and pushed into the limelight as part of the corporate agenda to defeat President Obama? And if they are successful in defeating change in healthcare, what does it mean for the Employee Free Choice Act?
I don’t think any of us really believe that the protesters we see on TV every night are just average Americans. The guy that wore his gun to an Obama townhall meeting carried a sign proclaiming that the tree of liberty needed to be watered with the blood of tyrants. That’s the same quote that Timothy McVeigh had on his t-shirt when arrested. Those are not mainstream Americans. But they are framing the debate over change in America.
When corporate America is able to whip the crazies into a frenzy and shout down real debate, then the idea of change in America is dead. And one change I was really hoping for was the Employee Free Choice Act. The murder of the healthcare debate is being orchestrated to save just one industry. Imagine how much fear and anger will be hurled at the EFCA. And while there won’t be townhall debates to draw media attention, there will be other venues to show how the Unions are trying to take over America.
If we remain silent on the hijacking of the healthcare debate, we can kiss the EFCA goodbye.