Can’t Get No Satisfaction?

When the company is on your back and the Union is not helping, where do you turn?
Well, according to one reader, you can go the National Labor Relations Board. As a steward, I filed some NLRB charges in my day and let me tell you, it brings everybody to ATTENTION. Suddenly the company wants to know how they can resolve the problem and if you file on the Union also, they are equally interested in satisfying your needs. 
You can call the NLRB office in your state to file a complaint.  
Here is one readers advice:

George, My name is a Bob, I’m a retired teamster from UPS, I retired in 1999 of my 31 years, 15 of those were  as a shop steward for my center. I still keep in touch with my brothers. As a steward I can tell you I was threatened more by my local than I was by the company. For protection, because I question the local about what was going on with our pension, I went to the NRLB for protection. Both the Company and the Union had to back off. Still today, the company does things that I personally just can’t believe they are allowed to do, the Local is useless and the International in the beginning gave me excuses of what is going on, then just told me to mind my own business. I’m a lifetime member I just can’t do that. The best way to combat a Union that refuses to help and a company hell bent on firing you is use the NRLB. Everyone must do the job the way it’s supposed to be done, when that’s not enough and the Union doesn’t help your best bet is the NRLB. It takes some of your personal time to file a complaint but believe me in the end it’s time well spent. Once the papers are filed, the company and the Local are sent letters and have to leave you alone. The harassment of the people I used to work with is beyond belief, in this day and age, I told them what to do, but no one takes the time and that’s all you need. Good Luck
Robert C. Bressman 
Retired, local 177