Jenna Jameson endorses Romney for president

     LOS ANGELES ( – Jenna Jameson, the so-called “Queen of Porn” whose opinion will no doubt have little sway in the nation’s political class, endorsed presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney‘s bid for president.
     The porn star took the stage at a San Francisco strip club last week and announced she was ready for a Romney presidency, CBS reported.
     “I’m very looking forward to a Republican being back in office,” Jameson said as she sipped champagne. “When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office.”
     Jameson, who by 2001 earned $60,000 for a day-and-a-half long DVD shoot and $8,000 per night dancing at strip clubs, switched positions politically speaking in 2008. Previously, she had supported Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.
     The actress’s backing comes at an odd time for the Romney campaign. Four days ago, adult film actor Ron Jeremy rejected the Romney bid telling the Boston Herald he planned to vote for President Barack Obama.
     Romney’s representatives did not immediately respond to requests from TheWrap for comment.
     (Editing by Chris Michaud)

     What does she know about Romney that everyone else doesn’t? HMMM, first taxes, now a porn queen. What’s next?