Bill of Goods

     Have I Got a Deal For You!We are all basking in the beginning glow of the 2012 Election cycle. After a long Republican primary season we have been blessed with more crap than any a–hole can deal with.
     We need to know that now is the big sale. Big Sale? Yes, now we are about to be told anything, so that we will buy the boatload of crap about what these politicians claim they will do for us. We need to look at the facts.
     The fact is, none of these guys intend to do anything for the middle class, working person in this country.       
     These politicians plan to continue to sell our jobs overseas, and give the companies that do so, a huge tax benefit.
     These politicians plan to pay down the national debt with money from Social Security and Medicare, all the while giving tax breaks to the top 1%.
     These politicians plan to take away hard fought women’s rights regarding birth control, rights to healthcare access, rights to equal wages, rights to protections under the law in rape cases, etc.
     These politicians plan to continue the fight to give control of our government to the corporate entities in the world, yes that’s world. That means giving our government control to whomever has the most money, and that means from outside the U.S. as well as inside. They continue to fight against people’s right to vote, yet fight for “corporate personhood”. “Corporations are people my friends”, remember that one?
     So when it comes time to pull that lever remember, you have seen what these politicians truly have to offer the working people of this country. Remember that the last bastion of freedom is in the power you hold as a voter.
     First of all, you must exercise your right to vote. Second you must make decisions on the people that are out there to represent you, not just sell you a “bill of goods”, so they can further the agenda of the “corporate big money” in this country, and outside of it.
Don’t be sold a “Bill of Goods”