Another Political Irony

    I Hate the Government! I have a few “Right” leaning friends. Lucky me. I’m sure all of us do. Not a problem really. A good discussion is what the system was set up for. An honest look at all options for solutions gleans the best solution on most occasions.
     One of the things that “Righties” have promoted is “less government”. On numerous occasions we have argued about the role of people in government, and the “Righties” have always contended that the people that work in government are “leaches” on the system. That their sole goal is to suck from the Government teat for their benefit only. They have contended that people that avail themselves of government services are weak and are using the system because they are thieves, and lazy.
     Along comes the “Bush economic crash”. Many of these people have lost their jobs, or are unable, by ability, or usefulness to corporate society, to find work. (I also feel that their egos prevent them from doing some things. Some jobs are just beneath them.)
     It has been a very interesting turn of events. Watching their reaction to these situations has produced a very surprising result.
     These people have turned to government jobs and benefits.
     They have turned to unemployment benefits, all the while bad mouthing the system.
     They have turned to spouses with government jobs for healthcare.
     They have burdened the Government healthcare system with their health problems, (problems that they knew about before entering the military, but kept them secret in order to get in. Now those health problems are the Governments problems for life.)
     They have taken work within the funding network surrounding the financing of political campaigns such as “Right to work for less”, and “Paycheck protection from unions”.  They continue to attack issues based on ideology, yet their hypocrisy of using the Government continues.
     The final straw is the attempt to get into Government. Since jobs on a level they feel they deserve are not forthcoming, they have decided it’s time to become a Politician in the government.
     They have used our government to get a leg up on the system, and now the push is to use our government to take away from you and me. They have taken from the system to further themselves, and now they are moving up to the point where they can pull from the system, and put it in their pockets, by taking away from you and me.
     I have to wonder how many other politicians, and the people working in politics function like this. It’s been a very eye opening experience for me.
     Hypocrisy abounds.