The Tactics of a Rebel

Making my beliefs bigger than I am!The current debate at the different town hall meetings over health care has brought back some fond memories. Back in ’95 my friend George and I set out with a simple plan. Take over our Teamsters local. Rather daunting trying to gain control of a multi-million dollar operation. We enlisted the help of an old guy that went back to the early days of the union. He taught us how to raise hell with the powers that be. One of the tactics he taught us was how to behave at the monthly meetings. He taught us to spread out to give the impression of numbers. Put a guy in the back, put a guy to the far left, put a guy right up front on top of the officers. He taught us to raise an issue with every issue that came up. Don’t let the officers run a smooth meeting. Take control of the meeting, and in the process express your dissatisfaction with what is going on. The idea was to spread your hate and dissent, and hopefully influence the other members around you. Any of you in our local know the history, but my point here is to show what has been happening with the Health care debate. What the republicans lack in numbers, they are trying to make up for in the Tactics of a Rebel. It makes their voice seem louder, and their numbers seem bigger. Hopefully many of you have witnessed their tactics and see them for what they are. They are designed to keep you from getting a decent health care system with the current health care reform debate. Please take the time to contact your Senators, and Representatives to let them know how you truly feel in this debate.
                                 Don’t let the Rebels take  control of your life!

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