The Systematic Destruction of “Personal” Freedom

     WhStand up for the potatos, I mean people!atever political ilk you come from, it’s happening. It’s the systematic takeover of personal freedom in the United States. The latest Supreme Court decision has put a retail price on speech, and control in the media. In other words the corporations win. The decision to give corporations rights as a human entity will mean the end of human rights. Our Supreme Court has just sold us out, lock stock and barrel, to the Chinese, and the Japanese, and the German corporations. They will be allowed, without restriction to interject themselves into the politics of the United States.
     Look at the Teabag revolution, which is totally funded by Corporate Interests. These people have the right idea to stand up for the American way of life. They have the right idea to take on a government they disagree with. They know something is dreadfully wrong with our government. The trouble is, they are being led to believe that their plight will be improved by supporting the corporatist’s in our society. Right on to them for standing up. Sad they are so easily led down a road by big money.
     Where are the decisions that will support small business, or start up business, or the little guy on main street. Those people are forgotten. Take a walk down mainstreet in Mid-America if you don’t believe it. Why? Because our government is about the corporations of today, not the “people” of America.
     Health care reform will never happen because of the billionaire business of the multi-national corporations. They own our politicians, right, or left.
     Small business tax breaks will never happen because our politicians are owned by the large multi-national corporations, both right and left.
     Home ownership support will never happen, because it is not in the interest of the multi-national corporations.
     Legal representation for the indvidual will never happen because the corporations will control the courts. Any law judge or lawyer can be driven out of law practice because the Multi-national corporations will control all of the judge appointments in the country. Your freedoms as an American individual will be lost forever.

      Our media will never keep us informed with the truth, because it is controlled by multi-national corporations, and spouts only the agenda that benefits them. Now with the supreme court decision, only the multi-national corporations will be able to afford to pick a candidate for any office in the land. Only multi-national corporations will be able to afford “free speech”.
     You will see the return of corporate emanate domain. Your land can be taken from you by private entities simply because they want it for their own. They own the politicians, and they own the courts. You lose.
     Your jobs and benefit packages will disappear simply because the multi-national corporations have no interest in improving the health, and well being of the American citizen.

     Our legislators will cease to pass laws to improve the rights of  individuals because individual rights are not in the interests of multi-national corporations.
     Hitler would be proud of the America he sees today.
     The answer is simple. Don’t be led down the hole, like lemmings, of todays politicians. Demand your media spread the truth. Turn off the mouthy idiot, racist, jackasses, perpetuating the lies of the multi-national corporations. None of them have your interests at heart. None of them care about your rights, or your freedoms.
     Be demanding about what you expect from your representatives. Write them. Call them. Stand before them, and demand the rights of the individual, and the real return to the American way of “We the people”.
     The cartoons are showing the re-writing of the constitution to “We the Corporations”.
Believe it!
Understand the Teabag Backers