The Real Agenda of Business and Politics

    I AM THE GOD OF CORPORATISM! The real agenda for the big corporations, and the politicians owned by them, is obvious. Reduce the economy to the point where they can control labor costs, and make the system such that they do not have to pay for benefits, and healthcare. In the process they can get rid of the Unions that have been the campaigners for things like the “living wage”, “pension benefits”, “adequate healthcare”, “child labor laws”, “the weekend”.
      How dare the Unions feel that people are somehow entitled to an adequate standard of living.
     One of the other points of battle for the Corporations and the Politicians, is the fight against small businesses. Small businesses provide direct competition on a local level to the “large corporations”. Besides that, small businesses generally care about their employees, and small businesses try to encourage the success of those employees, with the idea being the employee will then return the wish for success for that business.
     The “large Corporations” like to function with the “slave labor” mentality. The “do it or we’ll kill you” mentality. They function with the “we control our world” mentality. Controlling their world includes controlling the politicians that may want to regulate the Corporations.
     Why do you think there was no public option in the new healthcare plan. Why do you think the bailouts went to the big banks, but no help has ever come fourth for the little homeowner. Why do you think the news “corporations” continue to drive the anti-worker sentiment in this country. 
                                                            The Politicians are Corporate owned!
Lock, stock,and barrel, they do the bidding of the large corporations. Today the badge of honor for a politician is that they support the people, and their interests. That is the battle cry of most of the campaigns you hear. Doesn’t matter what political persuasion you may be from, it’s what you will hear.
     Taking the economy to the lowest possible level will remove the ability of the people to fight back forever. Making the average Joe happy to feed his family, and taking away any hope of the American dream is the goal of Political/Corporate America. Actually there is no “Corporate America” anymore. We are being controlled by “Global Interests”.
    Until we have a total reform of the election process, none of it will ever change. We are in a “catch-22”. The only way things will change is if our politicians change things. Yet our politicians are owned by the corporations.