Hope, and Change

      We all voted. We went for the “Hope and Change”, candidate. Of course, silly us, we thought we’d get someone that would What our politicians see!represent our interests in the government. What did we find? More of the government as usual, “corporatists”, that support the wants and desires of their major contributors first. We showed the politicians we could support them financially, but our contributions could never match up to the contributions of the major corporations.
     When push came to shove, the politicians throw the little guy to the wolves.
     We do hold the one and only key that keeps us playing with a little power. It’s called the vote. When corporations are allowed to vote, the end of a free society will be upon us.
     Many of you do not realize that the corporations have been elevated to “person” status under the law. They are considered a “person”  entity when representing themselves in the United States courts. In other words they are extended the same rights as you, the real person.
     These realities have come home to roost in the current batch of legislative attempts. Health care reform has turned into a major boondoggle, benefiting the insurance mega-corps, not the individual. The banking reform has helped the banks, and the bankers, not the individual. Now the sell job is on, to get you and I to buy what they are selling as “good for us”. 
     So what’s the deal? The fact is that most of our politicians, whether right, or left, are truly owned by corporate money. To be a politician in this country means you have sold your soul to corporate money.
     How do we take back our government? Push for election reform. Until the people stand up and insist that election reform happen, it will never happen. The fox is guarding the hen house, and you and I are the losers. Our government will never again be about the people, and the people’s freedoms.
     Our media is the mouth of the corporations. Our money value is determined by the corporations. Our job availability is controlled by the corporations. The amount of freedom we have is controlled by the corporations.
     In the 80’s we watched as the airlines were gutted for their assets by “big corporate entities”. In the ‘oughts’ we have watched as the corporations are gutting our government for what we considered “our assets”. They are systematically stealing all of the money out of our treasury for their own benefit.
     What has been the cost to you and me? No health care. No improvement in social security. No improvement financially. No real improvement in our infrastructure. Working till we die. Dieing young. Keeping us afraid. Killing our families. Destruction of our assets. Destruction of our future.
     Write your legislators and demand election reform before it’s too late.
                                              The clock is ticking.

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