Supreme Court May Reconsider “Citizens United” — TAKE ACTION #Feb23 to Make it More Likely

Update 3: — Feb. 20, 2012:

In light of the Montana case that could lead to a reconsideration of Citizens United, a “flash rally” is being planned at the US Supreme Court at 12 noon on Thursday Feb. 23.


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on “Citizens United”

Thurs. Feb. 23 • 12 noon
US Supreme Court

We will have signs for you that say “Right” on one side and “Wrong” on the other. Corporate-Person American Pioneer Will Rice will throw out pivotal statements like, “Unlimited spending by wealthy individuals, corporations, and other special interests will not create the appearance of corruption.” Right or wrong?

Feel free to create your own “Right or Wrong” statements, and your own “Right” and “Wrong” signs to express your creativity. For instance, draw a Capitol Building covered with money on the “Wrong” side and a voting booth on the “Right” side (ooh! double meaning!).

So bring a sign, bring a friend, bring your singing voice and help us kick off a campaign to wake up the nation to the issue of money in politics.

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