Democrats Excited to Bring Back the Republicans?

Vote for Hope?
Vote for Change?                                                         What our politicians see!
Vote for Healthcare Reform?
Vote for Employee Free Choice Act?
Vote for Cheaper Drug Prices?
Vote for Re-regulation of the Banking Industry?
Vote for Jobs?
Vote for the Economy?
Vote for the End of Gitmo?
Vote for the end of Iraq?
Vote for Improved Policy Decisions in Afghanistan?
Vote for Fairness in Media?
Vote for Supporting the American Worker?
Vote for the Support of the American People?
Looks like we’re batting zero so far!
The scariest part is it looks like there isn’t anybody on the people’s side.
The Democrats and Republicans all look the same.
 Corporatist=Corporatist be they Republican or Democrat!
When will our politicians be about the people? Not about the money?
   What do we do when there is no choice?
            The people woke up in the last election.
                                      Now the politicians need to open their eyes!