Comment from a Reader

I support the Union’s whole heartedly I only wish I could go to stand in support with those brothers and sisters in Wisconsin. Opponents seem to be people that I know,that are here in Oregon, they are angry at their own lack of income, and seem to be willing to blame and be angry at the unions, State employee’s, and the politition’s that are, thank-goodness,standing up for us !! yes. Wake up America and smell the coffee.
To the people that do not ‘get it’,if we lose ANY collective bargining rights we are headed in reverse to the times like the coal miners had livivg in a company town and buying from a company store, working any amount of hours/ day for all days of the week, no overtime low pay, and low or no benefits. We the people are what keeps this economy going. My Union wage provides me a living wage. And the money I spend goes into the economy, and feeds the economy.
And puts healthy food on my table if I choose, affords me a nice lifesyle if I manage my money right. My quality of life would be bad without the Union.
The Republican’s would seem to be quite content and set on owning [like]walmart and having the blue collar workers [or whats left of the middle class] supply the labor. Just think- the whole family could work there. That’s what it will take to support a family, even a very small one. And the Republican’s are going to use this a wedge, I can see it coming, lets put a stop to it. SOLIDARITY !! LETS STICK TOGERTHER AND NOT MAKE THINGS WORSE.NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY LOOSING OUR BARGINING RIGHTS,AND ORGANIZED LABOR IS NOT THE SOLUTION.AND ONCE THEY ARE GONE DO YA REALLY SEE ANY CHANCE /OR CHOICE OF GETTING THEM. BACK ???