Colorado Style Union Busting

Dougco School Board Ends Collective Bargaining

Board Decides Against Adding Ballot Issues

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. — The Douglas County School Board voted Wednesday night not to submit any ballot issues for the November election. The board also passed a resolution to end discussions with the union over collective bargaining.

 Prior to the meeting, a group of educators and parents protested outside the administration building.

 According to a Facebook page entitled “SPEAK for DCSD,” the protesters are unhappy with the direction the district is taking.

 The Facebook page and an associated document called a “Call to Action” encouraged faculty and parents to peacefully protest for the school board to resume negotiations with the Douglas County Federation of Teachers and Classified Employees and eliminate market-based pay for teachers. The document also says they want a relationship between the school district and community which “embraces and exemplifies collaboration and cooperation to provide the best education for our students.”

 “Contrary to popular belief,” the Facebook page says, “the Peaceful Protest was started by a teacher, NOT the union.”

 Teachers said the school board’s plan was to present voters with ballot measures that would prevent collective bargaining. They suggested it was retaliation and a way for the board to take control after a recent survey of school district employees that exposed bad morale.

 The union hired a lawyer and believes the board can’t take that action. The district believes they could.