CEO Pay and You


Running out of yacht polish. Having to find a new butler. The dilemma of whether to vacation at your Vail or Hamptons estate. It must be hard to be a super-rich CEO.

Today, we’re adding something truly stressful to their list: the launch of our updated Paywatch website.

We’re exposing the outrageous pay and retirement packages of many of the richest CEOs and showing the absurd tax-dodging tactics their companies get away with, all while many of them push the rest of us to accept cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

Let’s make this Tax Day the day CEOs fear. Go to now to check out how corporations and their top executives are running amok, and spread the word to your friends.

You know the story. While workers’ wages have stagnated, CEO pay has skyrocketed—and their greed has created the economic mess we’re only starting to get out of.

They’ve used their power at the corporations they run to ship millions of jobs overseas.

Now, they’re putting their immense wealth into efforts to get politicians to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits—through shady front groups like the Campaign to Fix the Debt and the Business Roundtable—and to keep the lavish tax loopholes for Wall Street and themselves and their rich buddies.

It’s pretty despicable.

This Tax Day, let’s expose the problem of CEOs gone wild and make sure everyone knows corporate greed is to blame for our economic crisis, not working families. Visit Paywatch now.

In Solidarity,

Nicole Aro
Director of Digital Strategies, AFL-CIO