Sound Heard Across the Land

     Given the implimentation of Citizens United creating the most political commercials ever, there’s been one sound no one has been able to drown out.
The Sound of the Remote “Mute” button. Hooray for Mute.
The single most powerful button on earth. Shutting out the Millionaires and Billionaires of the multi-national corporations that are now allowed to control our elections. 
Tomorrow is “Mute a Corporation Day”. Stay by your remote and mute away the corporate hypocrits.

Teamster Proposals

UPS Contract Proposals Set

Sept. 21, 2012: The International Union briefed local union officers in Chicago today on the union’s proposals for UPS contract negotiations. Bargaining on the national contract opens on Sept. 27.

Chief negotiator Ken Hall gave a presentation on key contract issues while local officers reviewed briefing books with a partial list of the union’s contract proposals.

Union bargaining proposals will reportedly include:

Pension Increases: More money for pensions, including increases in the benefits paid by the IBT-UPS plan that covers 48,000 full-time UPSers in the Central and Southern regions.

Full-Time 22.3 Jobs: More full-time 22.3 jobs and language that would require the company to maintain 22.3 jobs in the local union where they are created.

Protection for UPS Technology: Language to protect drivers from discipline solely based on GPS and telematics technology.

Wage increases including increases in starting pay for part-timers which has been frozen at $8.50 since 1987.

Regarding Surepost, Hall said it is up to UPS to propose language that protects Teamsters from the controversial program if the company wants the union’s continued cooperation with Surepost.

Hall noted that harassment and excessive overtime were key bargaining issues, but did not reveal specific contract proposals the Union will put forward.

Hall promised that every Local would receive a complete copy of the union’s bargaining proposals when the company and IBT exchange proposals next Thursday, Sept. 27.

For the first time ever, local officers were not allowed to keep copies of the union bargaining proposals. Hall said TDU would post the proposals for members, before he hands them to management next week.

TDU’s Make UPS Deliver network will keep members in the loop with contract updates.
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Child Locked in UPS Dropbox


Truck driver Michael Ford made a stop in Buena Vista Township located just outside of Saginaw last Thursday. That’s when he saw a frantic parent trying to rescue his four-year son from a United Parcel Service drop box. It all happened at the Flying J truck stop. Apparently the kid got in the mail box through an open door. The child’s older brother closed the door behind him and he became trapped inside. The boy’s father didn’t have a phone and that’s when Ford stepped in to help.

“He was freaking out throwing his arms up saying ‘my son’s trapped inside! My son’s trapped inside!’ After I made the 911 call it was like 10 minutes and they showed up,” Ford said.

Aaron Hoeppner is one of the firefighters called to the scene that day. WNEM caught up with him to get his thoughts on the rescue. When Hoeppner arrived he feared the worst. Just moments later he got a delightful surprise.

“We opened the drop door up just a crack there and you could see two little eyes staring at you, which I thought was kind of funny. I was trying not to laugh,” Hoeppner said.

The child wasn’t hurt and stayed calm as firefighters used a crowbar to free him.

“He was just sitting there crossed leg right there on the ground and he climbed out and went to dad and that was pretty much the end of it,” Hoeppner said.

Meanwhile, Ford says he’s glad he could help out. And he hopes he never has to see another drop box rescue anytime soon.

“The UPS drivers need to make sure those doors are locked when they leave,” Ford said.

The United Parcel service released the following statement on the rescue:

“UPS is grateful for the quick action by the truck stop staff to contact emergency officials and their quick response to the scene with no injury to the children.

UPS has a very experienced professional driver on the route. We have no reason to believe he didn’t follow his regular protocol to close the drop box door after he made his pickup around 5/5:15 p.m. Thursday. We can’t speculate if the latch did not catch or how the children may have opened the door later in the evening. Responders quickly freed the child, who was unharmed.

The Flying J has removed the drop box from service for the moment, and UPS will replace it with new equipment this week.”

Meanwhile The Flying J released the following statement as well:

“On the evening of Sept. 6, a child crawled inside an unlocked UPS drop box located at the Flying J Travel Plaza in Saginaw, MI, and was safely freed by local firefighters. The drop box located outside of the store appeared to have been mistakenly left unlocked by UPS personnel.

Pilot Flying J thanks and applauds the store’s employees for acting quickly to contact the local authorities to ensure the child was freed without harm. The safety and wellbeing of our customers is always a top priority at Pilot Flying J.”

Colorado Style Union Busting

Dougco School Board Ends Collective Bargaining

Board Decides Against Adding Ballot Issues

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. — The Douglas County School Board voted Wednesday night not to submit any ballot issues for the November election. The board also passed a resolution to end discussions with the union over collective bargaining.

 Prior to the meeting, a group of educators and parents protested outside the administration building.

 According to a Facebook page entitled “SPEAK for DCSD,” the protesters are unhappy with the direction the district is taking.

 The Facebook page and an associated document called a “Call to Action” encouraged faculty and parents to peacefully protest for the school board to resume negotiations with the Douglas County Federation of Teachers and Classified Employees and eliminate market-based pay for teachers. The document also says they want a relationship between the school district and community which “embraces and exemplifies collaboration and cooperation to provide the best education for our students.”

 “Contrary to popular belief,” the Facebook page says, “the Peaceful Protest was started by a teacher, NOT the union.”

 Teachers said the school board’s plan was to present voters with ballot measures that would prevent collective bargaining. They suggested it was retaliation and a way for the board to take control after a recent survey of school district employees that exposed bad morale.

 The union hired a lawyer and believes the board can’t take that action. The district believes they could.