You are Under Attack

You are a good union member at UPS. You support your union, and vote the issues important to the union. You pay your dues and feel you have a good living because of your membership in the union. You know that the company would not provide you with the quality of health care, the wage levels, a solid pension, and the job security without specific action from the union. Like it or not, you are one and the same!You watch the news and see what is happening with the Auto Companies, but feel that any of that doesn’t affect you or your union. What you aren’t seeing is the media’s use of this situation to turn public opinion away from the unions. To many people the only information they have about a union is what they see on TV. When they see a UPS guy, they don’t see a Teamster. They know you have a good job, but ever notice that many will ask you, “they’re a good company to work for, aren’t they?”.We all know they’re a good company to work for, because it is a good union job! Unions are something less than 8 percent of the workforce today, so many people never even come in contact with a union. Of course when they look for a job, the union jobs look inviting for obvious reasons, but the union jobs are slowly going away, (not so slowly in the auto industry), with the deliberate push to eliminate people’s perception that our country needs unions. The media is painting the union as some “commy” plot to destroy the country. The reality is of course the unions provide a real middle class. Something the corporatist’s hate. Keep in mind that the corporatists own the media. They hate the unions and what they stand for. They are fighting for the bottom line in their corporations, and they hate the unions there also. If you’ve noticed the muffled cry from the papers, and other media outlets, the unions are systematically being busted and broken. They do it by eliminating the company initially, then bringing it back in some other form, without the union attached. If you think UPS is not looking for the possibility of eliminating the Teamsters, you’re sadly mistaken. The only thing helping us ride out the current financial crisis is the length of our current agreement. My suggestion to you all is first to write your Senators, and Congress people, and demand they support the Employee Free Choice Act. Do not feel afraid to threaten their jobs. By that, I mean, for you to let them know you will support primary challenges against them if the do not back EFCA. Let them know that we took back our government from the right-wing corporatists, and we will take it back from them!
It’s time for a government for the people. Not the corporation!

End the Corporate Rule

Fight the Union Busting

Strengthen Your Union

When Driving is Like Sex

    Isn’t it strange how whenever anyone thinks of a learner driver in the process of undertaking a driving lesson, the mental image that immediately comes to mind is of the driving school car doing what we the more senior members of society call a three-point-turn and how part of that image is that of the learner shuffling the steering wheel left and right with a kind of shy awkwardness?
        Too busy to driveIs it because we associate the ‘feeding’ of the wheel with a learner driver that we almost immediately after passing our driving test re-invent the method of steering? Whatever the reason it seems that nearly every driver drops what is given to be the ‘correct’ steering method very shortly after passing their test and very soon are crossing their arms, steering one-handed and indeed, since the advent of cell phones, steering with their knees!
        Image wise, driving has always had a certain roughy-toughy kind of decadence attached to it, and if we have a slightly rebellious attitude towards what we do on the road it somehow makes us feel proud of ourselves. It is that pride that helps us to justify what we do as being something that is harmless. This is where the perceived ability comes in, which, as the rest of us know, is considerably higher up the ladder than reality. You see, we all can think we are good drivers while we are getting away with our poor ways. “I’ve never had an accident in 15 years!” is a common one, but it usually just means that the driver has been lucky enough to have got away with it for so long, but will have had countless ‘moments’ along the way.
        Every time you have to brake suddenly, swerve to avoid someone or something, or had to take some form of avoiding action your bad habits have been exposed, and you only get exposed when you make a mistake.
        The trouble is that when we get away with mistakes for long enough they cease to be mistakes and then become ‘normal’ occurrences. When that happens, and we do have a collision because of the way we drive, we cannot always accept that we are at fault and that we may be lacking somewhere in the driving skills department.
        It’s a bit like sex really.
        We can get a real kick out of it in terms of enjoyment, and unless our partner says otherwise we all think we are doing it rather well. What if our partner does tell us that we are doing it wrong…..? Wow, that opens up a big old can of worms doesn’t it? We have to deal with all the hurt and damaged pride and probably, unless several partners tell us the same, we go into self-denial thinking “I am right and everyone else is wrong.” The same with driving, “How can I possible be wrong? I have always been a safe driver!”
Julian Smith