Using Our Tax Money Against Us

Are you getting this?Think we’re not in for a fight over the Employee Free Choice Act? Here’s a sound bite of Corporate CEO’s planning to use bailout monies against the battle to win the EFCA. Note that several of these institutions have taken bailout money.  Also note that one of these CEO’s is your favorite and mine Home Depot. Be prepared. They are using our money to fight us. They have billions, we have nickel’s. Shop at Lowe’s! Also note that Home Depot had a major layoff this week. They’re using your money against you, to steal your rights, and steal your freedoms.      

Don’t Believe It? Hear it here!

Thank you to Sam Stein of the Huffington Post for putting this information out there.

Have You Figured it Out?

Time for ActionWell by now many of you are starting to figure it out. You have been Frank Lorenzo’ed. Remember way back when Frank Lorenzo would buy up Airlines then sell off all of their assets, gut their infrastructure, steal all of the pension money’s then toss the trash out on the street for some one else to clean up. Remember Eastern Airlines and Continental Airlines? That’s what is happening to America. The right wing has been taking you all for fools, and now their taking you for everything you have. Many of you have rolled over with your butt in the air saying give me more Rush. How long have we harped on these pages about those people. Well it’s coming home. They are stealing every ounce of your net worth, all the while saying it’s your imagination, that it’s really Obama’s fault. Many of you continue to believe it. Many German’s believed Hitler much the same way, and we know how that went. Look at that outcome. How bad do you think the economy is going to get? Multiply it by two and you might be close. The goal from the beginning is to gut the country and it’s people of their assets and give them to the super wealthy. These people like to steal from you then convince you they are Christians to boot. Man what a crock. If you think your freedoms as an individual are not far behind you’re bending over with your ass in the air. I still marvel at how foolish many of you can be. All this is happening without a kiss. It’s happening to you. We will never have our parents retirement.
Yahoo Frank Lorenzo for more information or go to Grounded: Frank Lorenzo and the Destruction of Eastern Airlines

When Can You Retire?

Have you been wondering when you are going to be able to retire? Does what’s happening with your pension scare the heck out of you? Well here is a little video that explains what is happening with your pension and why. And I mean your UPS pension, not somebody else’s pension. Your pension is not secure. This video shows  you why. I hope this video makes you mad. I hope it makes you get off your ass and do something. Call your Congressman, write your Senator, pay off your house. I don’t care what you do, just for God’s sakes, do something. Become an online activist. The middle class is going down the toilet and you’re going with it.