Sellout of U.S. to China Affects Foriegn Policy

     Do you think money isn’t power? Our sellout of the world economy to China is beginning to end the United States control of their Foreign policy. When they have the money, and they make ll of the components for our war machines, they control the world.
     China owning our debt gives them control over our lives.

                          Here’s proof!

Sick Crap Put Out By Corporatist Liers

     Attached is the lies perpetrated by the Corporatist, Anti-Union, Anti-Labor crowd that also wants to destroy our country with the destruction of the American worker.
     Talk about indoctrination. What about these kids, and others that may see this kind of crap.
      The push is to kill the last bastion of hope the average Blue Collar worker has in fighting the Corporate sellout of the American worker.
     You are under attack!
     Your good union job is under attack!
     These people hate your family, they hate your kids, and they want to steal your future.
     They think you are overpaid, and do not deserve benefits of any kind.
     The real thief in this picture is the Corporate money being used to steal your job!