Fired UPS driver’s suit claims he wouldn’t deliver pot

A former UPS delivery man from Clarkston says he was told to deliver a package “even if it contained illicit drugs” and was eventually fired after he opened the package and found marijuana.

A lawyer for Steven Mojica tells the Detroit News his client refused to deliver a suspicious 4-pound next-day package to a house on Murphy Street.  As a result, his UPS supervisors then accused him of theft, reported him to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and fired him in early August.

Mojica is suing the delivery company for reinstatement of his job, lost wages and damages resulting from mental and emotional distress.

Mojica claims he was about to contact police when he received another message instructing him to call a supervisor, who allegedly told Mojica “he should have delivered the package, even if it contained illicit drugs.”

At that point, Mojica claimed he opened the package and found it contained large sealed bags of what appeared to be marijuana. He continued his route for another two hours before he turned it over to a Loss Prevention employee.
A UPS spokeswoman tells the News they haven’t seen the lawsuit, but said there are reporting procedures in place for suspicious packages.

“It’s nice to know UPS can guarantee delivery to drug dealers and fire employees that refuse to deliver their drugs,” said Mark Porter, Mojica’s attorney.

In an unrelated case, authorities last month arrested the manager of a UPS store in Atlanta for allegedly stealing a package that contained marijuana, selling it and lying to authorities.

But lest you think UPS is the delivery service of choice for dealers, an informal and unscientific poll on shows senders prefer the U.S. Postal Service.

They Just Don’t Get It

The current pile of politicians just don’t get it. It’s not about a Republican agenda, or a Democratic agenda.

    It’s about the people stupid!

The current crop of politicians on all sides still don’t understand that the people are saying, “give us back our country”. “Take our country out of the big corporations hands. They are destroying the American way of life!”

Until that happens we are going to play politician ping-pong!

National Association of Undertakers Backs GOP Health Plan

People are dying for this kind of healthcarre      WASHINGTON – Congressional Republicans received key backing today for their health care plan, picking up support from the National Association of Undertakers.
     The funeral directors’ group, which represents undertakers, embalmers and hearse drivers across the country, gave the GOP plan a big thumbs up, saying in a press release, “Finally, a health care plan that works for us.”
     The endorsement from the undertakers’ association was the second major endorsement in two days for the GOP plan, which yesterday picked up support from the National Association of Viruses and Bacteria.
The Borowitz Report

Just Take Their Word For It?

     The company has offered a new health care “Package”, to all of the hourlies. I attended a meeting yesterday to discuss the Is That What it Says in the Book?changes with the company representatives assigned to provide the information for the new “Package”. Prior to the meeting we were all sent what is called the SPD, or Summary Plan Description. The SPD is the legal document defining the coverages in the plan. One of the first questions in the meeting was why the SPD was not accurate in cost, and why a number of issues the company claims are being offered in the new plan are not reflected in the SPD. The company representatives claimed the SPD was not accurate, and that the information in the SPD did not necessarily represent the changes the company wanted to implement.
     Of course the company wants you to take their word on what the plan is all about, but when push comes to shove in a legal situation, the SPD is what the courts look at. The company, as usual, took the cheap easy way, and mailed everyone an old book for some other plan that was close to what the new plan looks like.
     They want you to just take their word for what the new plan is about.
                         Will their word stand up in court?
I am making no representations as to whether any employee should make the change or not. My complaint is about the company wanting us to make decisions on what could be a lifelong change, without providing us with any accurate information.
Contact Human Resources and tell them you want an accurate SPD to make the decisions that matter for your family.

     The “Summary Plan Description” is a legal document for your health insurance plan!
                  Their word is not!