Your Legacy?

      Let Me See, What Can I Think Of Next?  Your Legacy?…. You’ve had a good career. You’ve worked your heiny off for a union company. You raised your two kids on a union wage and benefits. You’ve retired from that company, and get to sit back and watch your children, and their families live in the world out there.
        Will the opportunity for a decent living, and a retirement, be there for your kids? Not with the way most Teamster members take it for granted. Your children are faced with a life of little or no healthcare. They are faced with a life of corporate giants, who will sell out their employee’s health and well being for their bottom line. These same corporate giants do not care if your granddaughter survives at birth. They don’t care that your sons or daughters cannot afford housing. They don’t care if your kids have a decent standard of living.
        It’s you, and your vote that has given your kids that lifestyle. It’s time for you as a union member to hang your head in shame. You did not pass on your legacy to your children. You have denied them the same opportunity that you had. They will work till they die. They will suffer under oppressive management because you either couldn’t be bothered to vote, or you felt you had some other agenda that was more important. Making that mistake is a legacy of suffering for the future.
              You are responsible for that legacy!
     The “you”, that is, the uninformed, inattentive, “only cares about themselves”, you.
     If “you” don’t need to wake up, wake up the guy or gal next to you.                    The future depends on it!