UPS….through the glass door

     It’s always fun and interesting to see what other UPS employees think of the company. Are you the only one who thinks management is trying to kill the goose that laid the golden egg? Or is that driver next to you the only one who complains everyday about his load? Or is UPS really a great place to work for everyone except you?
     There is a website called  that may be able to answer these questions. The site posts employee reviews of the company, both good and bad. The opinions fall into three catagories; pro, con and advice to senior management. What would you say if you were writing about UPS?
     Here are a few of the 477 entries they have posted so far.

     “Steady company not likely to go under.”
     “Work security, suitable for those without motivation but need a safe place to work”
     “There are none, and if you found some let me know, who you paid off. The only thing I liked about the job is some of the friendships I gained.”
     “Pay, Benefits, time off, pension”
     “very easy to coast if you are not self-motivated”
     “Excited to start – more excited to leave”

     “Hostile enviroment, No trust,long hours,heat no a/c in the summer,Mgmt does not care about you, too busy watching there backs.”
     “It’s tough. It’s really tough. I have back pains everyday, I get yelled at by drivers, I get yelled at by supervisors. If you don’t have seniority, it sucks. It really sucks. You have to have been working there for at least 6 or 7 years to actually get the better jobs and still stick to the union, and if you’re in management, well, you’re screwed.”
     “Many of your co-workers don’t understand the importance of the union. Managers are only interested in production. Very adversarial environment between union and management”
     “The work can be monotonous and lacks creativity. I think the company has a lot of potential to improve the workplace by encouraging a little more ingenuity.”
Advice to Senior Management:
     “Ups expects that your job comes before your family. It was and still is an old boys runned company”
     “Less focus on numbers because happy employees will bring you the results you keep on striving for. Use more open communication.”
     “Stop making it a us VS them situation. It’s as if they are pissed off knowing that they could be fired at any moment and it’s gonna take an act of god for the employees to lose their job because of the protection that the Union brings.”
     “Get back to People skills.”
     “Since Scott Davis took over its been a nose dive. UPS just finished a transformation which it changed the landscape of how the company is structured. 1800 people lost their jobs as a result. All because of caring about the bottom line not the employees.”
     “compassion, find some”

How would you rate UPS?